It's late, here's my stupid idea.

I know there’s a ton of incredibly talented people on here. Anyone tried to make a yoyo out of stone? I feel like it could be a nightmare to get the balance and weight right, but who knows? Could be a cool project and I’m sure it would look sick with the different layers and stuff.

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Seems like a decent enough idea. I would think you’d have to get your hands on some extremely high end stone, such a marble or something. Can you imagine trying to hook up a piece of say, granite to a lathe and not have it bust apart EVERYWHERE. It would be cool for sure, but a massive hassle.

I’d like to see it attempted though.


I was thinking some kind of stone that has a bit of a soft feel too it. Obviously not sandstone or anything. But something that would hold together and still feel smooth.

Maybe a yoyo made of g10 or micarta? Its paper or cloth impregnated with resin (think carbon fiber or fiberglass) thats easily machined and is more impact resistant than delrin. Comes in solid colors or layered to create a 3D effect when shaped:
Hope its fine to link this as long as its not from a yoyo shop.

You’re fine linking things as long as you don’t link to YoYoNation or other yoyo websites.

Cool stuff, the only problem I see with that is though, it would be very very light.

I’ve got a couple knives with g10 handles, they’re awesome too.

Actually, its denser than delrin. Delrin has a density of 1.41 g/cm3 while G10 ranges anywhere from 1.6 to 1.91 g/cm3. If anything it should be even heavier than the current delrin throws that are on the market.

Nice to see another knife nut on here ;D

Definitely! My favorite G10 is an Emerson Super CQC7

Stone is hard to do. Would be cool if people could go into making yoyos of a more “pure” rock, like quartz or something.

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yeah I’ve always wondered about a project like this. it would be crazy. I was also thinking maybe out of clay as well. I have a wheel, and I do pottery, and I can confirm that it would be insane.


that would look awesome as a yoyo! It would be heavy though…

Om, my goodness…;topic=4098.0;attach=1428;image;topic=4098.0;attach=1429;image

Talk about taking things for granite!

I’d be worried about the inconsistencies that naturally occur in stone. Plus, what if it’s dropped or hits the ground hard… this material has a higher percentage of being likely to crack, break and shatter. I wonder what man-made stones can be created.

I would imagine a yoyo made from quartz would be pretty sick, quartz is actually pretty durable, but it would be heavy as fuck.

But a quartz yoyo would be more of a crystal yoyo than a rock one. I think actual rock would have a better look.

Depends what the **** is/was.

I think this would have to be something made in the undersized category for sure.

I just don’t think using any sort of stone or crystal as a primary construction material would be economically viable. Mistakes and other unseen imperfections can cause the material to break in manufacturing. Unlike the various alloys and metals that are mostly used, you can’t really melt down and re-use/recycle the material in order to recover it and make new raw material to “try again”.

Do it!

That is kind of what would make it so awesome though.