Yo-yoers block


I have recently gotten a bad case of yoyoers bock. I can’t seem to get the incentive to learn some new tricks and I am always doing the same combo and I can’t get a new yoyo because I don’t have any spare money. So what do you guys suggest.


1: Take a break. Maybe a day, maybe a few days.

2: Work with what you’ve got. As long as you have something decent(and that’s a very broad term), you don’t necessarily need anything new.

I was in the same position. Maybe different. I just decided I’m not really ready to learn anything new. Then I saw Jacob Gross’s tutorial on Asian Pops, so I’ve since learned that.


I am going to take a break for a bit, but are there any different (not to hard) tutorials that you would suggest? I wanna do something different, not that the YYE tutorials are bad, but I am getting bored with them.


I had the same thing, but then I tried some horizontal. It was something new, and I started learning new tricks after that.


Find as many tutorials as you can. When one connects with you, learn it.

I’ve downloaded hundreds if not over a thousand tutorial videos. This way I don’t need to rely on YouTube or my crappy internet connection to get “help” when I need it and want it.


Try some other websites for tutorials if you get bored with YYE. I did for a while and went over to watching Miguel Correa at The Definitive and learnt some 5A which was fun and I also learnt a lot more than I knew about string control which in turn made me able to do some of the more complex string tricks that I could do before.


there are some cool tricks on rethinkyoyo.com
it has tricks for different skill levels as well.
This is the site I went to when that happened to me, now I use youtube as well.


What I’d like to add:

I have nothing against the tutorial videos at YYE. They are very good.

Keep in mind, we don’t all learn the same way or just don’t get how something as presented. Sometimes it takes getting the information from a different perspective might be the input one needs to get over a hurdle.

Other ideas:
If the money is available, try something else. I’m trying to learn diabolo, which is a lot of fun. Spin tops are a challenge as well. Not to ride the wave, but that Kendama thing is pretty neat and worth exploring. Learn to juggle.

Sometimes one just needs a break, or maybe a change. Find what works for you. For me, I have lots of breaks whether I want them or not. It helps prevent me from having this problem of running into learning blocks. My blocks mostly come from running into brick walls on my abilities, which takes time and practice to knock down.


I have started to do unicycleing and cycling in the yo-yoing absence. I think I will pick up a throw tomorrow and try to get over this wall.