Yo-Yo W/ Caps mod

Guys if you have a Yo-Yo with caps (like a DM) you can take em off and put string in the gap! I had this idea today. Just wind it in.

Interesting. Would you mind explaining it better? I don’t think I fully understand. If yes, what can you do with it?

Do you mean put them in as a wieht? Because I don’t understand…???

like to store the string there incase one breaks

Yep! This mod has been done before also, and popularized by kwos:


The KWOS summarizes it well. Look!

Awesome idea! But then it’d mean i’d have to carry around a suction cup with me :-\

ya,that would be just like carrying around string.also,I tried it and it gave the yoyo a vibe. >:(