Yo-yo to school delema

So for my birth day I’m considering a boss, dv888, genesis, and a G5.

My mom will let me bring the Dv888, but none of the others.

My mom will let me get only one of these yo-yos (if the dv888 i will get a protostar also) and i was wondering if these yo-yos are about the same in play. (i have narrowed it down to these by preference)

If i get the Dv888 will i be sacrificing a good yo-yo just because i want to bring it to school?

Bring a plastic to school.

Get a Luminator at walgreens for $4. It can be unresponsive, if you play it. And get a G9 '09.

Don’t get a Dv888 just because you want to bring it to school - that is ridiculous. Just get whatever you actually want for home, and for life in general (I suggest the BOSS) and take whatever yoyo you have now to school instead of the new one.

If you’re able to get the Dv888 and a Protostar, that would be the route that I choose. The BOSS, Genesis and G5 are all great yo-yos, but I honestly believe that the Protostar is a must have for everyone’s collection. You’ll love the Dv888, and you’ll love the Protostar.

Since I’m not sure where you’re coming from with the question, I’ll answer a few more:
Are you worried it might get stolen? A student of mine stole one of my yoyos, so I wouldnt say it’s impossible, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen unless there are others that yoyo, or others who know how much a yoyo is worth (they might want to sell it). For the most part, people don’t think yoyos are very valuable.
Are you worried it might get damaged? That could happen anywhere, but there is an extra risk around your peers who might want to try to use it. Just be careful.
Are you worried about it being confiscated by a teacher or admin? I am a teacher and I encorage kids to yoyo, just not during class. If you have jerks for teachers, maybe just play it before and after school. Leave it in your locker or backpack during school hours. Anyway, if it does get taken away, you can get it back but you shouldnt bring it back to school.
What ever decision you make as far as if you should bring a yoyo to school or which one to bring ultimately, just be smart about it. Don’t do anything that might have bad consequences.

get a pgm or something for school

I bring the DV888 to school :smiley: My friend bring a Bassalope to school

but that obviously a good idea

I nearly bought that just for funzies! does it actually play pretty good?

You should bring a plastic to school, I just bring my mosquito or my lyn to school. When you bring your yoyo to school be prepare to say no to ignorant people who think you dont need skill to yoyo, who say
¨Can I try it?¨ never lend it to thoose ignorant people, the will ding it when they see they cant yoyo.

May I ask why you can’t bring the others? They cost the same, and really, nothing is going to happen to it, nothing extra, you’ll ding it.

That being said, just keep it by you at all times. Don’t leave it out, put it in your backpack when you’re done. I have foam box with lime green duck tape around the box. It’ll be good.

It’s a good thing if someone destroys your yoyo, then they can pay for a new one… and you still get a partially injured DV888. ;D

My mom is mainly concerned about it getting stolen.

yeah i sometimes just bring my velocity or die nasty to school

Doesn’t it cost the same as the others???

The luminator (butterfly shaped for 1a) is pretty much a FH-2 Without the wieght rings. Clean the bearing and put a slick string in there and you’ve got a great throw for $4.
by the way, FH-2 weight rings fit in the luminator like it was designed specifically to receive them.
the other walgreens yoyos are good too, but they’d be better suited to make responsive for looping.

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All of you are lucky, my teachers wont let me bring yoyos to school because the think its ``dangerous´´

i agree