YoYos for the School store.

So I am a middle school teacher… I know I know.

Anyway, we are starting a school store where the students can use tickets they get for doing good stuff, or money to buy things.

I wanna stock some yoyos in the store and I don’t really want crap.
On the other hand, it can’t be that expensive because the school does not have a lot if money.
(My proposal to get a case of Dark Magic IIs was shot down.)

So I need three levels of yoyos. Some that are not expensive, but not cheap, (along the lines of a duncan butterfly or imperial), then something a little nicer, then the top would probably be in the Journey, Kickside range.

So like $5, $10, and $15.

So what would you guys suggest?

That’s pretty cool! Here are some of my suggestions:

$5: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/155/YYF-Firedog

$10: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/42/Duncan-Pulse

$15: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/5/YYJ-Journey

There are MANY others but I picked the Firedog since it is nice and cheap, the Pulse because it lights up and the Journey because it is a pretty popular plastic yoyo. Good Luck!

Excellent suggestions sir.


Is there a butterfly version of the firedog?

no but instead of the pulse you could try a yyf fast 201 they are great beginner to intermediate yoyos and they come with a trick list competition thing  http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/27/YYF-Fast-201

Send an email to YoYoJam and they can hook you up with some Projams and DragonJams.

And you can always get some of the Lyn Fury, Kicksides, Speedmaker and such… although you’d probably need silicone/string/O-rings/bearings/lube as well.

I agree. YYFactory might be worth a try also. Just getting their brand in front of young, impressionable eyes might get you a big discount on that case of Dark Magics.

No offense, but i got tickets for doing good things when i was like 5

I know what you’re saying. I thought it would be dumb at first too. But, if you could get tickets and trade them in for a kickside, wouldn’t that peak your interest?

And your problem is???

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I was going to suggest talking to YoYoJam or YoYoFactory but I wasn’t sure if the mods would appreciate that :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are YoYoFactory and YoYoJam’s contacts:

YoYoFactory: http://www.yoyofactory.com/contact/index.php

YoYoJam: http://yoyojam.com/contact/

Thanks guys. I sent off some emails.
I hope the mods don’t have a problem with it. When we do buy stuff, I will definitely get if from here.

We don’t need no stinkin’ mods.


You might want to buy some 5 packs of string in some cool colors like green, yellow, mixed colors, pink, red, blue, etc. I wish my school had something like that!

EDIT: I forgot to add, If you would like some cool strings in 5 Packs, I can make some and sell it to you. I can do mixed colors or plain colors. I sell them for $4 shipped but if you bought more than 1 pack it would be $3 a pack NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING

ByeBye, 8)


-vanishes into a pile of ash-

So I mailed off letters to all the major yo-yo manufacturers (even the one that shall not be named) and the only response I got was from Yo-Yo Factory.

But, they sent me 12 fast 201s and some sling things to clip the yo-yo to your belt with so that was pretty cool.

The kids are really excited, and have already learned some cool tricks.
Now they realize just how bad their dollar tree yo-yos were…even if they did come with candy inside them. ::slight_smile:

That’s awesome. I’ve always liked the FAST Straps as opposed to a pocket.

I wAs gunna say the velocity is kool, so maybe something to consider in the future