A good yo-yo to bring to school

Hey guys. With all the business of starting the school year, I’ve started getting ready to head back into the spotlight of being the only guy who yo-yos for miles. So, I’ve been thinking and I decided that I didn’t want to bring my DM to school. It’s already banged up from lots of drops on the hard floors.

Now I need an alternative yo-yo to bring to school, and I need some suggestions.
-I prefer to play with heavier yo-yos (after being stuck with 70 grams of plastic/bi-metal for months), but I could deal with a lighter one.
-Shape really doesn’t matter at all. But I try to stay away from yo-yos with a sharp rim; Like the Flying Panda’s.
-In case you’re wondering, I play 1a indoors, and 4a outdoors. I’m up to the Master level tricks on this site.
-Response doesn’t matter, but I prefer to have either Double O-ring, or Hybrid
-I’d prefer to have the price around the $15 area, but can go up to $20. No way am I bringing a $40 yo-yo to school.
-If it helps, I do little modding to my yo-yos. Nothing more than a response change most of the time. I’m still experimenting with recesses in my FH2 and Flying Panda.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’d prefer to have it fit my pocket. If it’s oversized, it’s still okay.

I’ve taken a look at the YYJ plastics, more specifically the Speedmaker and the Lyn Fury. Any opinions on those is appreciated. Thanks!

i don’t like the lyn at all. the SpeedMaker sounds great! 4a outdoors, try the BigYo2.

1a - SpeedMaker
4a - BigYo2

for 1a, i’d go higher but your limit.

I do not think so… :-\

I feel Lyn Fury suits you better. It is heavier and it does not have a sharp shape.
p.s. : No offence, xcon888, but I feel that you should not use your personal preferences in helping others to choose a yoyo. ;D

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Edited original post. Added size preference.

Oh, and I thought the Speedmaker had sort of rounded rims? Something sort of like the FH2. Sharp shapes are okay. I just don’t like having the rims dig into my hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Domin123, did you read half of his post? he said more like the Flying Panda’s - talking about Offstring. He said he likes the SpeedMaker. read, please. and there is nothing wrong with telling your opinions on a reccommendation.

personally i would raise your limit by 8 dollars and get the legacy but other than that the lyn fury is a great yoyo to bring to school… and i know what u mean i brought my x convict to school and after 10 minutes of it being in my locker it was ruined the edges like they just threw it against the ground and then they put it back in my locker :-\

Lyn Fury, SpeedMaker, Kickside. All great choices. Legacy works too.

Journey, any HG yoyo. I personally carry around 2 Spinfaktor HGs, 2 Relics, and my L3 in my laptop bag. (The L3 is surounded by string and paper so it’s safe.)

The lyn would be a great choice. They are very solid yoyos. Also, the Journey is pretty good also. A little on the light side, but it’s big, wide, and a fun throw.

Yeah, lyns and kicksides even, but if you could go higher, X-convict is absolutly AMASING, it has a really shallow rim cut so the rims are really almost flat, I love the vict as much as my DM!

Unless it’s a beater, I wouldn’t recommend bringing a metal or metal rimmed yoyo to school, unless you have a way to keep it protected.

I brought my DM all of last year and it only got a few dings from my mistakes. I still think you could get away with a kickside, though, very solid!

I think a journey would be perfect.

Rounded shape, smooth play, cheaper plastic so you wont mind getting it dinged a tad, and its a yoyo a friend could try without you worrying.

It can be siliconed if you want it to be, its big enough to try some 4A but not so big it wont fit in your pocket.

Nice fun yoyo,

My opinions.


Any thoughts on the YYJ BigBen? It looks like it was made for both 1A and 4A.

it was.

yea but its oversized so it probably wont fit in your pocket but if you drop it it might crack since its plastic if you want a yoyo for both 1a and 4a you might want to look at thee bigyo

Big ben is also good, but can be a bit large for a pocket yoyo.

Like the journey, it is a smooth player, can be siliconed, cheap enough to band around yet durable.

Only reason I suggested the journey was because of its size.

But if you don’t mind a larger yoyo, then the bigben is also a nice throw.


I don’t reccomend doing Offstring at school…

I’ll reccomend the KickSide or Lyn-Fury.

I honestly think the Journey is way too light, and the Speed Maker has sharp rims.

yeah, you can hit your teacher or something. ;D

Just bring a yoyo. I’ve never thought about what yoyo I should bring outside because I have never babied one of my yoyos ever. If your DM is still working, just bring it.

I’ve brought every single one of my yoyos to school as I got them. One at a time I mean. That’s over 30 different yoyos, and the majority of them were metal.