I need an opinion...

Well, I just got a nice sum of cash for graduating High School…So I want to buy a yo-yo.

Here’s the general specs I look for in a yo-yo:
Weighs More than 65 grams.
Less than 55 mm in diameter
More Organic Wing Shaped ( Not really into h-wing/angular builds)
I am trying to learn Moebius

So I would like some yo-yo recommendations from y’all, but It needs to be less than $85, not including shipping costs. I was Thinking something by One Drop, ILYY, or something nice. I was looking for a Werrd TFL a while ago, but I can’ find any… ); So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

it sounds like a job for the one drop 54 i believe it comes with brass domes as well as aluminum spikes so you can customize the weight.

I’m not sure if the 54 still comes with both sets of side effects anymore. I’ve heard things both ways. I’d ask YYE to get a clarification on that. I know it used to.

Does Anyone have an opinion on the ILYY Eins or anything similar? I don’t want to spend too much…Although the 54 seems like a great choice. Any other One Drops that are good?

If I was you I would stick to the bst. You can get great throws you would be interested in well below retail.

As far as learning Möbius goes, you should be fine with any modern unresponsive YoYo. Can’t give you any advice about what to choose though, I don’t know much about most of these YoYos…

Yes. Go to the One Drop page on YYE. They are ALL that good. Well, the Cafe Racer isn’t as good, but pop in a regular 10-Ball instead of the budget 10-ball in it and that gives a nice performance boost. Other than that, ignoring your specs(since I can’t relate to that), the Burnside is an amazing yoyo. It skips the side effects to get costs down but otherwise doesn’t compromise in any way.

Honestly, for what you’re going after and the budget, BST is the way to go. There is a lot of stuff under $85 that’s really great stuff though.

Thanks, guys. This really does help, I was looking at the Cafe Racer, too. Again, thanks for those who posted.

Burnside is an awesome throw, and a steal at $85 in my opinion. You’re only missing out on the customizability of side effects, no lowering of performance.

Burnside would be a good choice, but you don’t care for H-shapes. 54 is prob your best bet.

Actually, today I tried a code 1 and I loved it. The h shape feels great. Might get a code 1.

I actually like my Code 1 over my Code 2. However, I may be buying a second(and/or third) Code 2 in the next day or so.

Both are great. It’s really a preference thing.

you can try my code 2 and dietz at the meet

Cool…that would be great.