Looking for new throw, Any Advice??

I have been playing with the trigger alot lately and am really starting to enjoy it. I am a teacher and teaching a summer school yoyo class. The school bought the trigger and the students will be getting to use it, but I am looking for a yoyo to throw over the summer with them. (They are not all starting on triggers or anything like that) I purchased a progression of yoyo’s. I am hoping that someone could point me in the right direction of a throw that out performs the trigger and is hopefully a bit quieter (although not necessary). I would really like to spend less than $100 and I have no problem buying used. I am just wondering what recommendations I will get. I have done alot of research and most of the descriptions read the same.


I would really like something a bit heavier than the trigger
I would prefer plastic, but aluminum is not out of the question. (Plastic just dings less)
Yoyo must be unresponsive
Cheaper is better
Long sleep times and a fairly wide gap to help me learn tricks.

Check out the Shaqulerstar it’s only $34.99 plastic weighs a little more than the trigger and plays amazing.

Well if you want something similar to plastics I would start looking at Delrin and acrylic. For Delrin the C3 Halo is a great option and so is te volume from 3yo3. 3yo3 also has acrylic’s that are handmade by Landon balk.

Now if your looking for metal that will kind of expand your options. First you have the one drop burnside. Lots of people love it. It’s supposed to be high performance for a low price. Then we have the C3 capless as a lot of people love this it seems to be a good fit for you. I hope I help you.

1: You don’t need heavier than the Trigger. Design and ability play a big factor. Nearly all yoyos are well designed. Also, the thin rims of the Trigger are prone to breaking and cracking if hit on the edge. Just a warning. This is usually a 5A player’s problem.

2: Plastic is going to be good since students are also going to use it. If you go metal, buy a bunch of Magic T5’s. Trust me on this one, they may be cheap, they they are nice!!

3: Unresponsive as a requirement? We disagree here, mostly because I feel people should start responsive to learn the basics and get started, then move to unresponsive as they progress. It makes more sense. In those regards, I recommend stuff like the Classic, plus the upgrade items(response pads and bearings). However, we’re talking a school environment and small parts can get lost, so perhaps a YYF Velocity or New Velocity is in order since it can go from responsive and unresponsive at a click of the dials. Then again,you can get some Classics(great weight) and have say the solid ones set up as responsive, and the ones with the cap a different color than the body be upgraded. I’m just not getting a clear answer of “is this for you, or is this for the students/new throwers, or some combination of both?” A lot of new players don’t want to learn to bind right away. Having to do a trick to bring it back is a short-term turn-off. Let them throw, tug it back. Throw, walk the dog. Throw, rock the baby… stuff like that. With some confidence, then they will be ready to want to learn to bind. Binding isn’t that hard, as you know, you just have to get them over a hurdle first. Once they see they can do some stuff, then they feel they can do more things. It’s the same way you probably teach anyways.

4: Cheaper IS better, and fortunately cheaper doesn’t have to mean “crap”. Classic for sure. It gives you the weight you want, plastic, durability and is very adaptable. 1A, 3A, 5A, responsive, unresponsive. You can save money and silicone them all yourself instead of buying pads.

5: Long sleep times are a function of your throw ability. Anything can be long spinning. I’m getting over 3 minutes off a Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing. Is that good enough for you? Sleep time does not equate to trick time, as once you start hitting things, the yoyo will slow down. If you can get through your tricks, you’re gold. Wide gap is almost a mandate regardless and most stuff does have a wide gap. You might consider shaped bearings to help keep the string away from the sides, which I feel often can help a bit. TO me, I like to match the bearing to the yoyo, so shaped or flat is irrelevant. A clean bearing can also go a long ways as well, so learning to do maintenance stuff can be very rewarding for the performance side of things.

But are we talking students use or your use? Nothing like buying a $100 metal yoyo and a student pounds it into the ground by accident. It’s going to happen, so I’m letting you know right now.

Models to consider:
Classic(with upgrades), Alpha Crash, Lynn Fury(siliconed), Legacy II, Chaser(73.8g grams!!), Protostar, Northstar, DM2, DiBase, Capless, Halo and any other C3 under$100, Sine//Saw, Burnside and more. Even stuff like the Theory, Inspire and Vexed are good. The God Tricks Bounty Hunter is $50, over-sized, good weight, fun, easy to catch and learn on(except for tight tricks) and well made. If you are into smaller stuff, it’s out there. Stuff like the Y-Factor, Yelets, XCon Pro, Hitman Pro.

If you’re going to shop at YYE, the odds of getting a good yoyo are guaranteed. Whether or not it meets your preferences is always questionable at best.

Yyf protostar is nice, and Shaqlerstar is similar but heavier. The yyj plastic metal hybrids are worth taking a look at.

The V
Dark Magic 2

YYF One or Whip if plastic, MagicYOYO T5 if metal,

The One would start students with the unresponsive bearing and it can be switched out for a spec bearing or Center Trac (if you get the champion edition, same price as buying the bearing by itself on YYE)

Those are too cheap. If he has 90-100 dollars to spend, then why wouldn’t he just get something higher end?

Yomega dash with the Dif-E-Yo konkave bearing is very nice i love mine and they spin forever

Only 30.00


Nothing wrong with a plastic Classic, Alpha Crash, PSG, Asteroid or others.

Keep in mind the part where he’s gonna let kids play it, most likely kids who haven’t thrown before.

I think a lot of you misunderstood my post. This yoyo is for me the teacher. I am looking for good quality at a good price. I already bought yoyos for the students. They are starting on butterfly’s and moving up to the classic. I also purchased the whip and trigger for unresponsive play if any students make it to that level. 2 griffen wings, and 2 loops so they could try out several styles and I could demonstrate them for them. I am just looking for my own personal yoyo that the school will not own. I want it to be smooth and long spinning, I was looking at the sine/saw and the burnside. Any preferences.

Also thanks for all advice. I have appreciated it.

Hmmm. I hope you won’t demonstrate your class’s tricks on your ‘trick’ yoyo. Your class will undoubtably want to try it.

Yeah. The kids are pretty good about it though. I also want it for outside of school. My main goal is to get a nice throw of my own to use.

Phenomizm, not overly heavy but great. Or the Chaser which is 73 grams

I understood the post as you getting the yoyo for you, the teacher, but I suggested yoyos of the same quality/looks of the yoyos your students will use. If you’re able to to do ‘around the world’ or some other trick easily with a nicer yoyo and student A isn’t able to with his Butterfly, he might think your better yoyo is what made you good, or see it as the key to getting better.

I think you starting with the same yoyo as them will make more students open to learning, I’d save your own personal yoyo for other times or non teaching/demos for fun

Just because something is higher end doesn’t mean it’ll make him a better player, and higher price doesn’t always mean better

If you go for a guitar lesson with a cheap guitar, I promise you that the teacher will not similarly limit themselves to playing a cheap guitar for the lesson. Though a good teacher will probably borrow yours to demonstrate that it’s not the equipment that’s a problem.

If the guitar is AWFUL, they might recommend you upgrade to get the most out of your lessons, but these students have perfectly adequate equipment with the Classics n’ stuff.

Burnside sounds like a great yoyo for the price. I wish I could try one to properly recommend it! :wink:

Protostar or Delrin Severe maybe? Beyond plastics, a Code 2 would probably be a good choice