Yo-Yo Throwdown Today, Easthampton, MA

So, who will be going to Throwdown today? I’m there, with bells on. 8)

Update: It looks like I will have all the throws to myself. ;D

My son, daughter and I went. My son and I competed using the same music, I decided to compete at the last minute.

What a great time!

I agree, it was so fun. There wasn’t a lot of promo for this one, during school vacation week and all, but the usual great turnout. I got some shopping done, and watched some great freestyles. Koloski, McCallumore, Maider, Dietz, Boulay, Higby, all great to see there. It was a blast!

so true. Seeing the pros throw makes me feel like what I do with a yoyo isn’t even actually yo-yoing. it is amazing to see a bunch of people who are at such a high level of their art get up and show it to a room full of people. I’m also very amazed at how friendly the yoyo community is. We are newcomers and have been welcomed and accepted. Now if only this could spread to the world outside of the yoyo world.

Inspiring, humbling and a lot of fun!