Yo-yo specific trick?

I was wondering is there tricks that just go with certain yoyo’s?
Kind of like (unrealistic! I know) Just because a yoyo has ridges on the inside (like the code 1) you can rap the yoyo while its spinning and bind it that way? Just wondered because I was thinkin of trying to make a trick involving the points where the stacks on my g5 used to be which would be not completely yoyo specific but still, anyway.

uhh… only tricks I can think of that you can’t do with any yoyo are hubstack tricks. also there was a yoyo that I can’t remember the name of that had spinning rims. not sure if the tricks you could do with those would be possible with other yoyos, but that’s all I got.

That’d be the Jazz-Yo Saturn

Anyhow, there are a select few trick that require a yoyo with special attributes, hubstacks are the feature most commonly related to this scenario, as Dynikus stated. Otherwise it is pretty much up to you to find something ion a yoyo to exploit.

The rev G could stay suspended in mid-air for periods of time.

The pacqiauo was light so you could punch it mid trick and not bust up your knuckles. On the other hoof, the noctu and the kaizen were insanely sharp so a punch to those would mess up your hand much more than any other yoyo. If you are into doing that for fun.

well it depends on the division like 2a.

correct me if im wrong you probably dont want to use a mighty flea for 4a ;D

no if you can catch it it would be epic the mighty flea.