Yo-Yo shopping

(Proto$car) #1

I just wanted to know if the DV888 was a good yo yo before I go waste a lot of my money.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #2

Many people love the dv888 but now you will get more people suggesting other things. Oh, I should mention that rarely, is buying a new yoyo considered a waste of money by any of us here on YYE. ;D


If you know how to bind already and don’t mind undersized, it’s a great choice. If not, that thing could give you nightmares XD



It was a but of a shock when I got the dv888 and didn’t realize how wide the gap was. You get used to it quickly haha


Proto… please use either the “reply” button or the “quote” button to post in a thread. Don’t use the “report to moderator” button anymore. :slight_smile:

(Proto$car) #6

oh okay srry LOL ::slight_smile:


I’d rather have a Protostar for less.


Or you could be like me and fall in love with super wide and heavy yoyos… Wet Whistle anyone?


Eww. No.