Should i buy it?

Hey guys,
I dont know what to do.
I want a dif-e-yo wide sport f and am probably going to get it for x-mas.
I really want it but is there another $80 dollar yoyo that could be better?
I’m considering the hectic but i still the the wide sport f.

I personally would go for the dif.

Its an older throw but its nice to have something older to throw around.

Do you have any other yoyos you are looking at as well?

The dif is a larger yoyo so if you are looking for something smaller, I would go for something else.

But if you like a bigger and more solid feeling yoyo, it would be perfect.


Yeah i’ve been kinda lookin at the dv88
my best freind has one and hes better than me.
I’d like one but i don’t wanna copy him.
ANd by the way,yeah i like wide yoyos.

I’d get the YYF Lunatic when it come’s out, correct me if I’m wrong but, I think that’s going to be in the fundaMETAL line, which mean’s it’s going to be cheap, like the DV888.

Axiom maybe, dif-e-yo are great throws i have heard, but also very underated

lol, that’s not a very good reason not to get the DV888, 'cuz I’ve heard it’s an amazing throw. ;D