Yo-yo related tips and tricks

Raise your hand a little higher higher and swing it farther. It can really help improve your throw.

If your slipknot is slipping or rotating around your finger, take a little piece of toilet paper and put it under where it tightens under your knuckle.

If you go out drinking, bring a cheap yoyo or one dinged up that you don’t care about as much as your main throw.

If you’re going somewhere that you know someone is going to want to try and use your $110 yoyo…bring a cheap one and let them use that. i.e. My sister in laws nieces always ask everytime I see them. I also cut the string for them.

Some kid was convinced he could do some yoyo tricks after seeing at my house with my dietz, we were outside so I ran inside and got my Starlite. He said it was broken. Obviously it wasn’t.

If you don’t have an extra yoyo and someone is very pushy to try yours and you feel awkward or something just tell them to please play over carpet/grass if you’re outside. Then once they can’t do anything and hit the carpet/grass laugh at them and take it back.


Don’t leave your off-string yoyo where others can easily find it. One word…“WHAP”!!!


~When winding/unwinding string around a yo-yo, keep it taunt so that it won’t bunch up.

~Join a club if you can!

when playing with a big yo make sure the not around your finger doesn’t fray it snaped right before class today but it was hilarious

Yeah also don’t throw a big you down 10+ story building. We tried that at worlds. It broke…

i saw :smiley:

breakaway tips
a yoyo with more rim weight -> throw downward
a yoyo with even weight distribution or a lightweight yoyo -> throw about 30 degrees towards your left instead of downward (in case you’re right handed)

explanation added:

When your yoyo starts to tilt, don’t stop your combo… nudge it back to normal position while doing tricks.

There is no “this yoyo suck!” it’s all matter of preference.

Train yourself to control tilting, throw with less power. Save your hand from being hurt by catching the yoyo in high rpm. no hand -> no yoyoing


I’ll have to try that. :slight_smile:

Another Breakaway or Trapeze tip:
Practice standing in front of a wall or facing your bed. This gives you a smaller space to work, forcing you to throw parallel and not “out there”.

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Invest in Poly string. IMHO, i’ve notice a big, positive difference in the “smoothness” of my tricks. Not to mention, the tricks just seem more “natural”.

Dont have second thoughts when buying a yoyo. you will regret it eventually.

By the way, congrats on getting your thread bumped up to the blue section trace!

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Despite the tricks you know, tell yourself that you’re a beginner. That way, you will always be motivated to do better.

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Like it!

Dont only buy main stream yoyos, like yyj, yyf, duncan, or yomega. (not that your bad) Get stuff like CLYW, one drop, or chico. (for example)

I personaly need to follow this myself. My entire collection is yyj yyf duncan and yomega.

I think the above mentioned tip is more of a preference. There is nothing wrong at all with owning certain companies.

Tip: Never fry bacon naked.

In all seriousness now.

Tip: Put down your unresponsive metal once in a while and throw a responsive throw (Like a stock FHZ) for a bit. It’ll show you how good you really are…quite humbling.

Tip #2: Put down the yoyo for a week or two. It actually helps you in the long run. By the time you come back to it you will notice an improvement however insignificant it may be. While you’re taking a break from yoyoing focus on other hobbies or just go have fun with your friends.


I’ll add an explanation

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Hmm… I’ve never heard that one before Rizki.

I’ve never made a concious effort to direct the angle of my breakaway either.

In my opinion a natural throw would be best suited rather than a forced in a certain direction throw. Let the energy of your throw naturally exert itself.

I’m sorry but I disagree with this one.
The reason is using smaller space will ruin the way you throw. I’ve been doing this before because my room is quite small, but it doesn’t turn out very good. By doing it in front of wall or bed, you’ll be forced to throw closer to your body, and that will looks awkward.
If you wanna learn how to throw better, you can put a black tape on the floor and start throwing in that direction. Notice I don’t recommend you doing this because you’ll start following the tape direction, and not the yoyo direction.
Personally I’ll throw in different places, facing different ways, throwing while walking, etc, this way I could get better and not “stuck” in the same boring background all the time. Some place will distract you more or less, and it’s a good idea to get used to different areas.

It’s quite hard to explain but I agree with you. Natural throw will work the best, but I found after using certain throw, then move into the next one with different characteristics, weight distribution will more likely to ruin my throw quite a bit, at least that’s my case. This is very noticeable in looping yoyos, narrower gap will make the string rolls in bigger diameter, then virtually turn the yoyo weight feels a bit lighter, thus loops downward. While wider gap will make the string rolls in less diameter, virtually turn the yoyo weight feels a bit heavier, thus loops upward.
Simpler explanation: yoyos with less rim weight will unroll the string in more acceleration but less power (feels light) and most likely to reach the end of the string earlier, and more rim weight will unroll the string in less acceleration but more power (feels heavy) and most likely to reach the end of the string later. Test with different yoyos and you should be able to feel it.

Well that’s just few things I came up with so far, theoretically it will works that way but normally any throwing ways is never bad. Practice is more important by any means.

good luck