Yo-Yo Recommendations

Price: No more than 50$
Weight: Doesn’t Matter, I have a New Breed and it’s heavy, but Light Would be ok as well.
Response: Silicone
Gap: Medium to Wide
I would prefer it to have Metal rims but plastic is ok.

Please Help.


Foxtail? It’s all metal, and matches your preferences pretty well, except for the medium gap.

Or a Protostar. I have one and I love it.

Someone got me looking at PGM’s. Are they any good?

If you want hubstacks then yes, they are very good

I just got my PGM today and yes they are very good in my opinion.
Only thing is plastic. But it is very good. (OPINION!!!) :]

PGMs play pretty well. I got one with hubstacks and it spins very well and it doesn’t vibe at all! I’m pleased with it and definitely have it as a good match up against the ProtoStar. But contrary to its title it doesn’t grind as well as I thought it would… so definitely get one with hubstacks if you ever do get one.

In relation to Ethan’s topic, a ProtoStar would be great. It’s easy to silicone if you need to and it feels light, but plays like a metal.

If you’re REALLY looking toward a nice metal rimmed yo-yo I would suggest an Atmosphere. They’re kind of heavy, however. YoYoJam has a nice line of metal rimmed yo-yos if you are looking for some.