Could someone recommend me a yo-yo?

Hey everybody, I was wandering if somebody could recommend a metal rimmed yo-yo to me for my Christmas list. I put some plastics on my Christmas list, they are Die-Nasty, Counter Attack, and maybe the Plastic Grind Machine, so now I am going to put a metal rimmed yo-yo on my Christmas list, but first of all, I just want to ask, “Do the starbursts in yo-yos like the Black Knight or the Dark Magic, completely wear out, or does it never completely wear out?”, and second of all, I will list my prefernces.

Here are my preferences:

  1. What size do you prefer? Probably around the size of the Legacy, maybe a shade bigger, but not as nearly as big as the Big Yo.
  2. What shapes do you prefer? Maybe the shape of the Legacy, but this might be compromised on, it depends on if I really like it, but not imperial shape.
  3. What response do you prefer? I really prefer flowable or RTV silicone.
  4. Do you like to mod or to maintain it? I do not want to modify it, as in recessing it to put silicone in it.
  5. What weight is ideal for you? I prefer heavy yo-yos, maybe like the Fast 201, or a little heavier is ok.
  6. Does color matter? I really would want red, but if the yo-yo matches all of my other preferences, I will compromise on it.
  7. What is your yo-yo playing style? 1A
  8. What is your price range? Around $40
  9. What is your skill level? Working on advance.

The starburst won’t wear out easily.

I suggest the Dark Magic.

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if you want to go up 40 bucks and get the genesis it would be great for you (maybe not because you want metal rims but whatever)

if you really want to buy a 40 dollar yoyo get the dark magic

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Like Samad said, Starburst won’t completely wear out but it will wear out a little(My Adjustable Starburst on my Velocity has worn down a little.

Based on your preferences, I too would recommend a Dark Magic, but then again it doesn’t sound like you’ve had a whole variety of yoyos. If you’ve had a variety of yoyos then yueah go for the Dark Magic, but if the only one’s you’ve had before were the Legacy and FAST 201, I recommend getting something completely different like an Atmosphere or even an X-ConVict.

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Actually, the only ball bearing yo-yos I have tried, would be the Duncan Mosquito, the Duncan Dragonfly, Fast 201, Big Ben, and the Legacy, and my Fast 201’s starburst response had some of the little starbursts fall out, but I just took the rest of them out, and now I use yo-yo string for the response. I found out, that I like how heavy yo-yos feel in my hand, I don’t like double-o-ring or sticker responses, so far, my favorite yo-yo response is flowable silicone, and I would really want a red yo-yo. I have just one question, “Would the Black Knight be a yo-yo, that would be good for me?” (I just like the look of the Black Knight yo-yo better).
Thank you for the help.

well beside the legacy i really can’t think of a plastic/metal rimmed yoyo that has flowable silicone stickers stock, but you can get yoyojam yoyos that have duel o ring and replace those with silicone.
The Black Knight would be a great choice. like any other metal rimmed yoyo from YoyoJam, it will play great. you can easily switch the o rings to silicone if you want and if you have the money go for it.

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Sorry for to many questions, but I just did a search on reviews, and one review said that the Black Knight does not sleep very good, won’t it sleep as long as the Dark Magic if you have a good throw.(I know this sounds like a bad question.) Three more questions, “Will the starbursts wear completely out?”, “If the starbursts wear out, will it still bind good?”, and “Will it work if one side has silicone and the other has the starbursts?”.
Thank you you for the help.

I think I’ve read that review before. The Black Knight will have great spin times if you have a string and straight throw and after you break in the bearing. I’ve never timed a Black Knight since I don’t have one, but I can ensure you it will spin long enough for any tricks.
Starburst won’t copmletely wear out, unless you sand it off, like I did(Bad idea).
If Starburst were to completely wear off, it wouldn’t bind at all since there’s nothing to grab onto the string to make it return.
Lastly, I think it would work if one side had silicone and the other had Starburst, but I’m not sure.

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People often play with one side siliconed and the other side with a starburst. It makes it slightly less likely to snag.

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Thank you for answering all of my questions. I just like the look of the of the Black Knight more than the Dark Magic. I will probably put the Black Knight on my Christmas list.

i suggest a speeder

I would recommend a Dark Magic because like the Legacy, it was also created by Andre Boulay. The Dark Magic meets all of your standards and its a fast and smoothe yoyo. I own a white one and i LOVE it! It has a really wide gap that’s good for landing string tricks. It also has really tight binds. Good Luck Picking A YOYO!!

I completely agree. I love the DM
An atmosphere may be good too

I just changed my mind, because I did one last look at the both of them, and I did a product view on the both of them, and the DM is quite wider, than the BK. (The measurements on the width, does not seem like a big difference, but in the pictures, it looks like a big difference.)
Thank you for the help. (I am going to compromise on the color, and maybe get either white or blue.)

Well, if you like duel silicone and want a metal rimmed get a New Breed they comein red too, it big and fits your preference.

Speeder or Darkmagic, around that range. Just a reminder if you don’t know the dark magic is huge(for me at least). and I really do not suggest any of JD because it is really small compared to a lagacy or dark magic.