yo-yo not winding up properly

hello guys,

i have a problem with my new yo-yo (a Metal Zero).

I have it for a week now, but since today it doesn’t wind up properly causing it to be almost impossible to throw a decent spin.

does anyone know a solution to this problem?

could it be that my stickers need replacement (I don’t know how rough they were compared to now)

Thanks in advance!

work on your throw that might be it

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i think i know what your asking, you say that the metal zero doesn’t wind up properly. Is it not winding up tight enough (wont “grab” the yoyo), where previously it did? if thats the case my metal zero acted the same way when the pads needed to be replaced, i replaced the pads and it was fine again. if its not winding up properly in a different way then your problem is probably something else

Yeah you need to replace the stickers. try silicone stickers they last much longer!

To state the obvious, replace the stickers.

use the force

Okay i’ll replace my stickers.
But can my stickers be worn out after only like 6 days?

Another question, won’t my yo-yo become too responsive???

Duncan stickers are notorious for wearing out very fast. I would suggest buying the large pack of them and some other kinds so that you can experiment and find what works well for you. Good luck!

i have placed a new sticker on my yo-yo and now its working like a charm again :slight_smile:

thanks a lot guys!

Dif-E-Yo thins might be better…

Well the problem is That here in THE netherlands theres only 1 store that sells yoyo products.
And there they only sell duncan stickers and strings >:(

i am thinking about ordering my stuff NeXT time.


then why not get the stickers?

yes I bought em but they wear out very fast indeed. Bought 8 stickers, 2 are already worn out.
I use 1 smooth sticker(old one) and a new rough sticker.

You should get Duncan silicone stickers or Dif pads if you want something that will last.