Yo-Yo New England

As an adult noob who has noticed a dearth of throwers like myself in the immediate area, I’ve just created a Facebook page to help us organize and gather. Though I’m looking for others in CT, anyone can please feel free to ‘like’ the page. It’s ‘Yo-Yo New England’. All ages, all skill levels. Elitists, haters, trash talkers or ‘keepers if the throw’ need not apply.

I just “liked” your page!! I live in Western MA so I am not in CT but not to far off!!

Glad to see more adult yoyoers out there!!!

(where is BPG???)

Not sure what u mean by ‘bpg’? Maybe I gotta check the page and proofread. I’m in oxford/derby area

Thx for liking the page, btw!

No problem. BPG is a forum member from Southern NH…

There are actually many forum members close by!!


ooh!! me!! I’m in RI!

(Emerges from his cave…)


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There you are!!!

A cave? Fancy. All I’ve got is this rock.

I’m in New England. I run the NH yoyo club

I could not find the Facebook page. If anyone has a link, that would be great. There has been a 21+ club here in New England for a bit. If you monitor the forum, maybe you can make it when the next date comes around. I’m in M.A., nice to know other adults are out there :wink:

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Northern CT here

Here is the link to the page. Sorry you couldn’t find it right off. First group page I’ve ever created so I still have to experiment about how to get the word out…


Thanks for checking it out. It’s kinda bare now, but will be building it up as time goes on.

Where abouts? (If I may ask)

I’m throwing in the Oxford area

Enfield/east windsor

I am from NH.
Same area as Shadowz143


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Disregard post on “Connecticut” … Thx!

I’m one of the original goers of the NH Yo-Yo club… But sadly, I don’t have a facebook. :-\