bay area throwers!


i decided to make a group for yoyoers that live in or near the sf bay area!

NOTE: i am well aware of spindox and 2yo, this is just for fun and SOLELY A FACEBOOK GROUP! not trying to start a war here lol. :wink:


well its purely facebook for now.


really now! no one??? >:(

(Owen) #4

2yo has that covered already.

Not a FB group to my knowledge, but a real life group

EDIT: just saw the part about 2yo and spindox, but why make a FB page? It seems like no one would bother to join cause they already have a group in real lifeā€¦


i guessā€¦ i might just dump the pageā€¦ and theres throw breakā€¦ im planning to attend 2yo next meeting, and attemt to join spindox, so whatever! :slight_smile: :frowning:

(Owen) #6

Dont be like :slight_smile: :frowning: be like :l