Anyone in the Bay Area, California?

Hey yall, i do kno that some yoyoers live in the bay area (specifically around Oakland/SF), but I’m sure that there are a lot more! I also have never seen any1 with a yoyo in the bay area except me.

P.S. i know that there is the bay area classic and such but there arent many actual meetup clubs around here


Bay area represent (East bay)!

I feel the same actually despite the bay area seemingly quite active. The most active club is Spindox (they meet at Nob Hill in Alameda the last Saturday from every month) but given current situations right now, that hasn’t been able to happen.


nob hill? a shop?

good idea, we should set up a zoom for anybody who wants to throw every Saturday

Yea, there’s an outdoor patio/park setting next to the store along the estruary

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East bay.

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Fremont over here! Been looking for a yo-yo community for a while as well


I’m down on the peninsula in San Mateo County.

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Shoulda named yourself Aaron and not Philip, Aaron

I’m from Dublin and fremont!

There’s a lot of yoyoers in the bay area!
Right now most of the clubs are on hiatus due to covid and such but maybe soon there will be meets again!

Facebook is where all the groups in the bay are active and located.

Spindox (spindoctors yoyo club) holds meets in Alemeda
2Yo (2yo yoyo club) holds meets in SF
And Fellowship Of the String holds meets in San Jose.

They all have open facebook groups you can join and be updated whenever they happen again.


Inspired by the Denver post, I wanted to bump this up / tag @HaruRay since I don’t use Facebook all that much. As an aside there actually could you link the groups Jei? These are the ones I found but I’m not sure they’re right:

I think the FotS one is correct since my join request just went through, unsure about the others.

Anyways, with nice summertime weather approaching and vaccines beginning to roll out, I’m wondering if outdoor meetups will begin starting up again, I know I’m jonesing to throw with other people in person and actually take advantage of the three different yo-yo clubs right here in the Bay area. With masks, outdoor venues, and social distancing it feels like this should be possible, but I also wouldn’t want to rush things.

I’ve also been kind of tooling around with the idea for a meetup around Redwood City (basically in between 2Yo and Fellowship of the String on the Peninsula) since the downtown area here is quite nice/walkable (albeit small) and close to Caltrain and parking. The Courthouse plaza area is pretty open and sunny and there’s also nice shaded space in front of City Hall w/ lots of trees, as well as the library having some nice open spaces.

Direct link to map

Or maybe around Freemont/Hayward/Pleasanton to give the East Bay more love, though I do not know those areas so would need assistance from a local there to find a venue/meet up spot.

So yeah, anyone have an idea of if Spindox, 2Yo, or Fellowship of the String are planning to start meeting again soon?

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South SF/SF here!

I’m over in the east bay as you know. I’d like to be selfish and say yea come on out to dublin/pleasanton/livermore area to do it but I think you’ll get better turnout in Redwood city. I know at least a couple other throwers in the palo alto area. Plus all the folks in the city aren’t too far away. People like me in the east bay can get off our butts if we really want to show up haha. Or maybe could do a group that meets in different spots sometimes…

If for some reason you did decide to do it out here I could definitely help with ID’ing some locations though.

I’m from the east bay tri-valley

East bay (680 corridor) here

I live in Vallejo…
Thanks for posting about this, I was also curious where everyone was in the area. I’d be down for a meetup at some point in the future.