Anyone throwing in CT? Looking for other enthusiasts near by for tips, advice etc. I’m 37y/o teacher, new to the area in the Naugatuck valley. Been throwing about a year.

I’m in CT.

Glad to meet ya! I think I’ve seen your handle a few times in the posts. Good to see a local so involved. Do you have a favorite throw? I’m using a maverick right now. Off the shelf, still not comfortable transitioning to unresponsive, as of yet. I like to keep it simple.

Kyo DNS right now :slight_smile: If you’re a teacher, think you can visit Farmington High sometime? I’m a freshman there.

Haven’t heard of that maker. I’ll have to check them out.
Farmington huh?
That’s funny, when I first moved to CT a couple of years ago and was looking for teaching jobs, I applied and interviewed there. My wife’s family lives near Terryville, so they are fairly close.
Great school (from a teacher perspective, anyway).
Unfortunately, I was too new to teaching and someone else got the job. Plus, i wasnt as confident in my interview as I should have been. No hard feelings mind you, I got a gig further south-west in the Danbury area and I’m loving it. Teaching in a middle school.
Do you have any fellow yoyo-ers local to you? It may be interesting to see if we can create an interscholastic yoyo club or federation. Do demos, lessons and even small competitions. Just for fun.
It would mean a bit of work to organize and manage it… let me know if you have any thoughts to that end. If interested, I’ll start shopping the idea around to my students. I’ve started a small club at my school to modest interest, but I feel there is potential…

I have some friends who do some yoyoing, but that’s pretty much it. Around the Massachusetts area however, there’s a large portion of yoyoers living around there.

We can see about finding other yoyo hobbyists to get a group together. There are clubs in RI and MA, but that is quite the commute. Looks like its on us to hunt down some CT throwers…
I’d like the group to be an all ages thing, from young people to grownups. Perhaps finding a community center or something to meet in. As a teacher,I have to insist it be legit, organized and supervised…

jdubz, i believe you messaged me about this page? well, now im here!

Cool. I’m trying to gather local CT throwers of all ages. (hoping I’m not the only ‘old geezer’) You are welcom to join my facebook page Yo-Yo New England. If we get enough CT’ers- maybe we can organized a meet. Thoughts?

Already liked. Tell me a time and place and I’ll spread some hype! :slight_smile: If we were going to meet do it on a friday. Saturdays are booked for me, fridays i am mostly always free…

Liked :slight_smile:

I would also like to join. -Cheshire CT ;D

Hey all CT throwers,
It looks like we have a small group who is interested. It looks like we will have to officially start a group. I believe I’m the only ‘grown up’ so ill have to do some digging to see where my responsibilities fall- let me conduct an inquiry as to the best way to organize us. Keep an eye on this thread! Thanks for the interest, ya’ll!

Im from CT!! Stamford though. Anyone nearby? Its starting to get lonely haha. But my love for throwing will never parish!

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Enfield area here. I would be interested. Have to squeeze time in with two little ones and the mrs.

Hey guys, I’m in southington. We recently moved here from Oxford. (I still have to change my profile). Keep an eye out for upcoming meet-as the OP of this thread, I’ll be working on getting a meet put together as soon as I get settled in the new house and as the school year gets underway (teacher)

Prospective Adults: bring your significant others or kids if you would like, all are welcome

Minors: start talking to your folks about it now. You will need permission. The folks and siblings are welcome. If you bring a friend, be sure you have their folks permission too.

Thanks for the interest and spread the word!

Hey guys, I’m late to the party. I’m a ct thrower from the new haven area, and further info on a get together of sorts? If live I throw with some people here