Connecticut Throwers?


Hey if you live in connecticut or MA contact us!


Heya, I’m a ct guy.


Hey where from?


I’m from MA!


CT here too. Middletown


Awesome I had no idea I would even find one person who yoyo’s. What are your ages? How long have you guys been throwing. Skill level?


It’d be nice if you would give some information about yourself before asking so much from others.


@yoyospirit is right. My name is Kevin, me and two other people run a social media account for instagram named GlobalThrows which is dedicated to being more involved in the yoyo community. I repost other people’s #trickcircle 's, post my own content, help throwers, etc. I am 17 and started yoyoing when I was 8 so its been about 9 years. I would yoyo on and off but I picked it back up last year and I have been going strong ever since.

Fav yoyo: As of now the manatee but the kayak has my eye.

Fav trick: Hard to say one of Kris Toledo’s tech tricks or maybe my newest original.

(yoyobro!) #9

Hey glad to see you got on here Kevin, I’m @yoyocodyb on instagram


Haha, hey Cody. :smiley:


I’m from Southington, in my 40s.

I sometimes see French up at a2z on saturdays at yoyo school. It would be great to have a good regular club in ct.

Fav yoyo: kenshin.


Are you from CT as well? Im not much older at 18, and I live in CT.


Yes I am from CT :smiley:


You are only 18? I always thought you were a lot older than that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, only 18 haha, no idea why I always give off an older vibe.


Where you from yoyospirit?


Farmington area, you?


Yes, xyn and I are the elder statesmen of CT yoyo. I’m also in my 40s.

Maybe in the spring we can figure out a park for us to hold meetings, sort of like New York YoYo Club does…only in CT.


That would be awesome French and yoyospirit I’m from East Hartford. We could also meet up at buckland mall. If you guys are commited I could pay for the “meetup” app and create events.


Hmmmm, old beyond yer years…