Yo-Yo Modifications?

Is modifying a yo-yo cheating, or is it breaking any rules? If it is not cheating could I use rubber O-ring on my Duncan mosquito?

Cheating, like in a contest?

You can do whatever you want to a yoyo you compete with.

For O-Rings, you would have to Silicone recces it, but making it so the O-Ring would fit perfectly in the recces would be hard, just use silicone.

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I think the only cheating you could do would be to find a way to build a little motor into the yoyo that keeps it spinning… but at the WYYC they have a modding comp. I believe…

I would not reccomend modding mosquito… Its alot of work for a cheap throw… Just get a Lyn Fury… She’s got O-rings and is only 15 bucks…

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yeah, worlds does have a mod competition!

There’s nothing wrong with modding a Mosquito! It’s fun. The silicone is the best way to do. It plays awesome for a $10 (after cost of yo-yo and sili) throw.

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I love modding Mosquitos, and they becomee awesome throws.

I silicone them, and fill the place betwen the caps and the wall with Play-doh. Its heavier that way. The only rging that is bad is the wobble, but it soesn’t affect my play that much.

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As a mosquito Modder myself I put wore or parts ofetal hanger bent into a circle on the inside to add rim weight… Improves sleep times… There awsome…