Yo-yo Game?

How would the yo-yo community feel about a yo-yo game?

Looks interesting. Might I suggest creating a kickstarter for the project?

I will be a tester please let me test! i love the idea i can help please let me help. if you cant tell i want to help! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

what’s a kickstarter, also will you need testers?

Kickstarter is a website where you can post up your plans for a project and how much money it will cost to achieve, and then all of us regular people can go on there and donate money toward that goal if we want to see your project come to life. In exchange, you get some sort of “thank you” gift based on how much you donated, which usually includes the product being made. It’s extremely popular.


You said card game right? So … Can we get more details? … Is it a card game on pc/console? Or an actual card game?..

More info please :slight_smile:

Definitely interested!!!

Oo ok nice … hopefully learning curve isn’t too bad so that anyone can pick it up …

more details needed… lol