YYE Tranding Card GAME


I’ve found that when I get YYE trading cards, I open them up and check them out and some make their way in the open by my yoyo stuff, but beyond that they never really cross my mind again.

I just thought…what if there were arbitrary stats attached to each player card that were then affected by yoyo cards and maybe string cards and trick cards with the end goal of using the player, yoyo, string and trick card combinations you have to ‘out-swag’ your opponents player cards in a weird dance-off type scenario.

Then there’s the possibility of having more cards due to the addition of yoyo and string cards, as well as the possibility to get endorsements from manufacturers to make their ‘Northstar of Feast and Famine’ (Ignore my bad MTG reference) the card everyone wants. The endorsements can fund a team to develop the game and in turn promote yoyoing and yoyo players, strings & manufacturers. Then there’s also more inherent value in the cards other than simply collecting them.

What do you guys think?


I’m sorry but, really? No way would I play this. I play other tcgs, but I just think yoyoers and strings and such would make a good card game. Ya yoyoers have, “battles” but I just think this wouldnt work out. And even if this did end up happening, I dont think many people would play it, and btw, you would have to buy a yoyo or something just to get them. So that means that you couldnt just buy a pack.
No hard feelings, but this is how I feel. :-\


No offense taken. If I thought it was a great idea I wouldn’t be posting it for everyone to see.

It wasn’t really meant to be played as addictively as other trading card games and end up as its own subculture so it wouldn’t be a big deal that you couldn’t buy them by themselves, but would give purpose to the cards other than just being cards and if pulled off comically could actually be amusing even if only for one time. They would still act as simple trading cards as well and If someone wasn’t interested in playing so nothing would be lost.


I made the suggestion a couple of months ago. However, I’m not into trading card games. Please don’t confuse the fact that I work anime and sci-fi and horror conventions also meaning I am into that stuff. It didn’t seem my idea was good then. I didn’t think it was good then either. But, people wanted to do fantasy battles and I piped in with the idea of making it like a trading card game. I was summarily ignored, which tells me my idea was really bad.

First, the trading cards as is are not going to be suitable for a game. It lacks information, which could be compiled and added, even if done as an after-market thing. However, now you have to carry around charts or stat pages and that can get a bit cumbersome. You can put these in a binder full of sheet protectors(yeah, let’s get nerdy on this!). These stats would be updated after major tournaments through a centralized database on a web site that can be downloaded as needed.

Second, after the above is done, since I don’t know anything about the trading card games, I’m assuming that it’s a straight up numbers game. I have no clue if dice are involved. I am sure rules can be adapted to accommodate.

Third, I think the relatively small community would lead to a shortage of players, not just featured, but also playing the trading card game. Plus, the lack of cards(38 player cards for 2011), it would make games go much shorter. Since we’re basing it on REAL people, we have to compile a LOT of stats regardless. This is why fantasy football and baseball(and basketball and hockey) work a lot better. Stats are compiled and are readily available. Cards can even be bought by the “year” and distributed among the group doing the fantasy leagues. And even if the stats aren’t on cards or if cards even exist, the stats are readily available.

For me, I have like 10 still sealed 3 packs of 2011 cards from my last 3 YYE orders, and 9 2010 cards. I just intend to get some card holders and make a binder that contains these cards, some holders that have CD’s and/or DVD’s in it, and maybe some sheet protectors that have my collection database printed out for reference, and any “documentation” I need handy. It would be mostly for show anyways. I just like to keep need and organized.


I definitely agree with you, it wouldn’t be successful using the current cards, but if 2012 was redesigned with a simple stat system that may or may not reflect the players actual skill in that area then everything would be contained on the card and they would be able to introduce other cards like yoyo cards that affected the players stats as well as trick cards that could have a link to a tutorial of the trick online, but also acted as that trick in the game and tricks went together into combos that the player is doing with a certain yoyo.

It couldn’t be just an adaptation of the existing cards. The cards would have to be designed with the game in mind. Then there’s no need for extra information. It wouldn’t be big by any means, but it would be something to do with the cards for people who just have no interest in collecting that wouldn’t interfere with their initial purpose and still be collectible for the people who enjoy that.

I think it would be cool to get a wooden fixed axle yoyo card in a pack knowing that only certain player cards could use it knowing the wooden fixed axle yoyo lowers a players technical abilities, but destroys when it comes to style and it would be fun to see who beats who with the given circumstances.


I find that you get lots of cards with players from


In my open 9 cards from 2010, I have a bunch of CLYW players.

If they come out with another Jensen Kimmit card, it will have to have a rotating wheel for the sponsor.


That quote was so much win.

Chris Allen from YoYoSkills already tried something like a trading card game. Didn’t work out well.

(M²) #9

I’ve played a variety of TCG’s (mainly mtg, which is unarguably the most successful one), and sort of feel compelled to comment on this. This is bad idea. The players cards are like baseball cards, for collecting, and should probably stay that way. Making a TCG is way harder than most people give it credit for. Making a balanced game with a decent power curve takes tons of play-testing a a full time development team. Over 75% of these games fail. What your suggesting is adding a niche market inside a niche market, that is, a TCG that almost certainly only yoyoer’s would play. It simply wouldn’t work, I prefer the non-cheesy collectible cards.