Trading Card sets for purchase

Just an idea as I’m just not getting the YYE trading cards I’m actually looking for.

My suggestion is to keep the trading card program as-is, I need no need to change it. But would I would like to see is the following:

For a reasonable price, an entire set of trading cards available for purchase each year. It may have to be a limited number, but would come in some sort of sealed package.

Another option would be a second set of “autographed cards” Same as above, but only cards that have been autographed, which could of course be sold at a premium.

Just more options. They sell baseball cards for example by the season as complete sets, I figure why not YYE? Ever since the foil-pack cards came out and I’ve been receiving those, I’ve received lots of duplicates, but I’m not complaining, I have ideas for those(going to contests and seeking autographs, which is not something I normally do)

There’s only 39 cards in the 2011 Foil Wrapped series. That price should be somewhere in the $5 price point at most. Personally speaking, I like the cards, but I want to have them in a nice binder in display sheets for the keepers(read: non-duplicates).

Maybe I’ll see about actually trading cards in BST… After all, they ARE trading cards!

I would buy 2 packs. This would be awsome.

Yeah I wish you could buy packs Kind of like trading cards
The problem is The shipping fee is already enough to cover for a pack of cards.

Also their could be rare cards like 1 of 12.

I usually order strings with every yoyo purchase(made an exception last time) and other small accessories so I get “free shipping” of those items. I’d do the same thing with these cards. I’d just go ahead and buy a yoyo I was looking for, add the cards to the order and it’s all good.

Let’s look at strings: you’re paying anywhere from near 50% to 33% extra just to ship. With small items, you can get it done for postage.

Right now, I’m trying to have my kids pick what they want for their next yoyo. Just saying… if this item becomes available… that would be at least 1 card set… plus strings!

That could be cool too, but here’s my thoughts:
If I’m paying for a complete set, I want the complete set. BUT, maybe take your idea up a step, and have a 5-12 card set of rares that are only available in the complete set, but would cost more, say up that price to $7.

Ya or like trwo packs for 9.99 or 1 for 5

but if there are sets then it wouldn’t be fun to collect them :frowning: