Free pile of yoyoexpert cards, just pay your own shipping

(Ian) #1

So I keep accumulating these cards, but I am a dad with kids, soooo…
It’s enough of a time drain practicing the yoyo much less managing a card collection.
Rather not throw them out, and would prefer to give them to a youngster instead.

You just pay shipping. My wife estimates 2-3-4 dollars. (USD) more if international of course.
There are 8 unopened individual packs, 1 opened pack, and a sealed pile of the 2013 complete set.

Don’t make me throw them out.
First person to post gets them all.


Ill take em! PM me!

(Ian) #3

PM incoming. :slight_smile:


Very cool of you


Aw that’s not fair, I was bowling when this went down :smiley: