YoYoExpert Trading Cards

Hello my fellow throwers.

I have close to 250 YoYoExpert 2012 & 2013 Trading cards that are duplicates. I’m not sure who is collecting these cards, but if you are in need of a specific card, and are willing to send me a self addressed stamped envelope, I will happily send you what you may need. I do not have duplicates of all the players, but almost. If you are interested and in need of a specific card, drop me a PM to see if I might have it. If I do, send me a stamped & addressed envelope and I’ll get it out to you.

First come, first serve. Limit of 3 cards per request.


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Does it require any money?

That’s very generous of you =)


You are one of the most giving people I have met.
Always welcome at my house.

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I wish I was. :’( lol

You are too :-*

WOW man!! that is very nice of you!!!