Yo-Yo Community Survey

Hey fellow throwers!

Our friend, Nicholas Chester Parks is working on a handful of yo-yo related top data maps for his Global Information Systems Class these up at Portland State University. He’s going to be using the data collected here to create some wonderful maps. In other words, if you guys take the survey, Nicholas gets to graduate from university! Yay! Let’s all take part in building the future of tomorrow!

After a few weeks of yo-yo data collection, Nicholas will be creating a few maps for us. Don’t worry, we’ll share them with everyone once it’s all said and done. Here’s a kendama map he put together not too long ago.

But wait, there’s more! After submitting your survey, you can head over to our Facebook Page, track down this very post and SHARE it among your yo-yo friends who don’t kick it here on YoYoExpert! The more data collected, the more accurate and beautiful the maps are going to turn out and Nicholas will pass his class with flying colors. Maybe we could get him to send us a few graduation tickets?

We at One Drop are going to be randomly picking a few folks who SHARED our post on Facebook and send them a little yo-yo care package!

Oh yeah, it’s mobile friendly for all of you guys and gals not wanting to get off the your butts while at work! I for one did not get up when I took the survey.

Stay awesome and we’ll keep you guys updated as the maps make progress!

Thank you!

Link for everyone if you missed the highlighted links up above:


Took it! Fun survey

Really fun survey, actually. Too bad I don’t have a facebook for the giveaway thing. Was fun nevertheless! :slight_smile:

Hey! Trying to fill out the survey, would you consider MD northeast or southeast? Cause it’s practically what you call the mid Atlantic.

I would consider it NE personally

Took the survey :slight_smile:

Wow, cool to see Minnesota being the highest represented state in the kendama survey. May explain how it was the “big thing” for my 3 younger cousins in middle school a couple years ago.

Great survey! But I don’t have Facebook😣

Took it~! Very fun :slight_smile:

Super fun survey! I think California would just be considered “west” though. What’s that yoyo in that photo next to your phone? :wink:

Done and done!

On another note, I spy another cheeky little glimpse of that elusive green mystery yoyo in the picture of Paul above. :wink:

Did the survey, very easy. I hope to have been of help.
It’s interesting to see the answers of others as well.
It’s a shame for us who don’t have Facebook though. :frowning:

Survey has been finished. I agree with a lot of others on here, sure does suck for us without facebook. But glad to help out.

Oh my…

Hope it helped it was easy and funny

Sorry but when and how will the Facebook winners be announced?

I tried to take the survey but when I clicked the link this it says “You need permission
This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.”


Strange, it worked for me and my friends

It’s over, you missed it.