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Hello my name is Charlie Weikert. I have designed my own yoyo over the past year in my high school engineering course. I am finishing up my prototype now but i need market information so i can complete my project. I need your help, just click the link and a pop up will show up that contains my survey. It is powered by survey monkey. it will only take five minutes.
My yoyo is a brand new design never tried before.  It hinges on a moving friction sticker that drops into the yoyo at high speeds but as the yoyo slow down the sticker closes in so that the yoyo is retrievable. It is pretty sweet! 
Thank you Charlie Weikert

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I did it

alright i did it, can i see a picture of it or something

done it but im from the UK and there was no option for me to put that so i just said im from west verginia…

Ok, i did it, but can you post a picture?

can you post a piture

You should really post a picture and eliminate the name option from your survey. Why?, you may ask. Because a photo will make more people believe that you’re telling the truth and eliminating the name option in your survey will make people more comfortable when filling it. I’m telling you this because with all the frauds going on in the Internet people have lost the confidence to fill in personal information whenever they are asked for it.


I did the survey but I didn’t use my real name. I used the name Bob Johns! ;D Anyway, that is so cool that you designed your own yoyo! You should be a modder or something.

pic please and would like to demo it :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: ::slight_smile:


i did it…hope its good i need a new yoyo

pic plz

Yea… i put in jim watkins… and city minnesota… i need to see some pictures first

Yeah i am going into the machine shop to work on the prototype on thursday. I will try to put up a pic of my 3-d computer designs but i am not to good at this whole forum thing. oh and yeah i was trying to seem as formal as possible because i know i dont click on links either but yeah i will take the name thing off so more people take it. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY SURVEY! and i will defanitly get some pics out and then i am going to try to make a midwest tour to different state yoyo competitions to get some feedback but i need dates of the competitions, if you could help me out with those that would be super awesome. Thanks again.

You can check out this site for upcoming competitions:

thanks for the heads up looking foward to the pic, :-[ sad for me i live in the north west

Awww lol minnesota not on there