Yo-Yo Black Knight

Hello! I am new at this forum and studying 1A style so i want to know is it possible to learn advanced tricks on this yo-yo
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The Black Knight is a great choice for advanced string tricks since it has wide adjustable gap and larger aluminum weight rings giving it longer spin times, etc.

Here is an older video of John Narum using it when it was first released:

Thank You and one more question how much time i can use string for this yo-yo(as usual i play about and hour a day)

Changing string is really up to you.
Some people leave string on a month - some a week - some change it every day - and some even change it 2,3, or 4 times a day. Depends on how much you use it, etc.

Black Knight yoyo is a fine yoyo. ;D

I have one and love it :slight_smile:

Great for finger grinds. They also have sweet caps!