Yo-Yo Alphabet?

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to form the different letters of the alphabet with their yoyo? I know “yo” is already one, but my aunt/uncle just recently had a baby and I’m trying to figure out how to spell his name. Any help would be appreciated!

Well, the Eiffel tower is “a”

Yeah that one’s pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:
Need to spell out ‘Dean’ might try to make it ‘baby Dean’ or something like that. Gyar, time to spend the rest of the afternoon on it!

Doesn’t a double or nothing work as a D (backwards looking to you but correct to the viewer) or is that just for lefties?

I feel like this is possible and would like to try and will help as much as I can, however this week is crazy busy for me. Speaking of which I should be doing homework…

I think that’s just lefties, at least how I’m thinking it would work and I might try and get something more ‘D’ shaped than triangle-y

Trapeze… insert right index into loop and pull… it should look like this I>

If you make a triangle and hold it with your entire hand instead of just one finger, it should give you something that more closely resembles the curved part of a ‘D’. I’m absolutely stumped on the other letters.


Ah that’s perfect!
Now for ‘e’ and ‘n’
Going to try and come up with something before dinner!

Yeah I want to do that, but without the cheating pegs :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres a weird mount I came up with that is a capital B

Go like your doing a and his brother mount but go around twice (like a reverse double or nothing)
Then throw both loops and catch them

Capital B!

I’ll have to try and figure that out!

n is pretty easy you just have to hang the yoyo on your pointer finger…