Can you make the alphabet?


every letter in it from a to z, cus if you can that would be stellar to make a combo and spell someones name. capital or lowercase it doesnt matter. i just want to know if anyone spent time trying to figure this out yet? i have an a, b, c and v down already possibly a p but green triangles dont sit well going straight up ya know haha


an interesting point… but not realistic for those who spell not using english characters


I burped the alphabet a few times. However, that’s not what the OP is asking about.

I would say going picture trick with various yoyo styles could make this happen, but I’m not sure how viable some of these wold be as finished tricks. Also,we’d have to take out some of the requirement of proper orientation out.

Also, did the OP know that if you invert the Eiffel Tower, you get Y. Because. Werrd!


I have tried my little cousin always wants me to make an octagon. lol




I know the guys at Xcube figured out the “X”, check out for snake’s vids or the latest xcube vids, but it looked kinda “complicated”


you can make an x with a tower, then pull one of the closed loops.



I have a kid that always wants me to make an ice cream cone. No interest in Horizontal circular Eli hops at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously tho the octogon is hard. I mean making all of those sides equal while holding the string with 8 fingers. :wink: