My yoyoexpert logo trick. Please comment!

Well guys in the last few days I looked at the x it up post and though “hey I should invent a trick that just states that I am a proud yoyoexpert poster”. And I did. So without any further stalling, My logo trick.

How do you like it guys? Later.

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Cool. Nice PGM 2.0. That looks like the thing where you go into Eric Koloski’s Ping Pong, but just before that. I did exactly that once. ;D

Well I’m hoping to make it the official yoyoexpert trick. I made it up myself, but I don’t know, someone might have done it before but I’m just trying to make something like the x it up thing. Later.

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how do you do it?

Well I have thought about that but I think I will try to make a video on how to do it sometime. But right now I just want to know what you all think about it. Later.

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oh well i think its really cool looking :slight_smile:

i know how to do the xbox logo!

do the jamakin flag (i know its spelled wrong) then twist your right hand in tword you. if you want to do the xbox 360, turn all the way around lol! :smiley:

sorry i dont have a video camra. :-[

(cool trick robert2393, totaly awsome!)

Awsome, can’t wait for the tut.

really kool trick!

I got an idea! You could make it a cool string trick by getting another finger in your bottom right side of the X and then swing the Yo-Yo up and into it. You don’t have to do it, it’s a great trick already, I’m just throwing an idea I had out there.

Sounds like it would be tough but i will try it out. Later.

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i made a trick where u do that then twist it to make kitty whiskers

Ok, post and tell me if you get it, I wanna see if it could work!

Thats really cool ;D You gotta make a tutorial for us soon ;D

sorry, just pointing out again,

Its think :wink:

Yea I know, I have a problem with “think” for some reason. Thanks man. Later.

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I sound like i’m the grammar police. :-[

Its “reason” :wink:

Yea I guess you are. Thanks anyway its making my grammar and spelling better. Later.

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You could do a sideways “dizzy baby” before you dismount to really make it the expert yoyo logo.

Looks cool though.

Awesome…Can’t wait for the tut…

lol i think i found that out a few days ago. And man that would be an awsome trick for the official YYe trick.

Edit: o what i was thinking was different. so nvrmind about what is above