Yoyoexpert logo

I was looking on the store and started to wonder, "is the yoyoexpert logo actually a trick? If you have absolutely no idea what I a, talking about, look under the yoyoexpert contest t shirt, it is shown in a picture. Does anyone know how to do it?

There was a thread like this before… You can do some crazy chopstick move or four lindy loops with one on each finger to make an x… I can’t do either.

I understand the concept of how to do it, but I just spin out as soon as I attempt it.

Would be cool to see a video of it being done both ways (or if there’s more than 2 ways to fire it up… as many as can be found!)

yye actually had a contest about a year ago, the first two people to take a picture of the trick got $15 gift cards (I was #2  ;D)

Edit: actually, mach whip over a chopsticks mount doesn’t work. It’s still one loop short of being an x. I did it how jagmcool suggested.