LF: Yoyoexpert picture trick

Just wondering if anyone has the name of, or video for the yoyoexpert picture trick?

It’s the trick with the yoyo resting in the centre of the ‘X’ shape.


Here’s how you do it

  1. Do a quadruple trapeze
  2. Stick your thumbs out
  3. Put on loop from the quadruple on the trapeze each finger.
  4. Give it some shape
  5. To dismount just drop everything it won’t cause a knot
  6. Bind
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Awesome, thanks!

Or, another way is…

  1. Throw a trapeze
  2. Go into the thumb mount
  3. Throw a hook around the yoyo with your TH (similar to the gyro flop hook)
  4. Drop all hooks to dismount
  5. Bind

can you make a video

It isn’t needed. Just lindy loop a few times and grab a string with each of your fingers.

I’ll post a video later, just for you :wink:

thanks :wink:

could you make a video