My yoyoexpert logo trick. Please comment!

I give you a pat on the back robert! Was it hard to find out how to make the X?

Well not really it only took me a day to figure out one that I liked. I just thought "It will probably be easy to try it from something like a Eiffel tower trick. But yea it took a few hours to get what I wanted out of it. Later.

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Any one else have an opinion? Later.

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I was just wondering, is the trick like ladder escape where you swing the yoyo around alot to get the shape you want, or is it like eiffel tower, where your yoyo is just dead, and you move your hands to get the shape?

well its like Eiffel tower but I am refining it to make it a string trick but yea its based of Eiffel tower actually. Later.

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I did something like this but I did it on accident with either a double or nothing or houdini mount.