Yo Mamma joke thread?

The yo mama joke thread!

Post your best yoyo mama jokes! Ill start…

l l l

Yo mama is so fat, she has her own center of gravity! haha

I think I’ll pass for the following reasons:

  1. If you check the members list we have a few members with yomama as part of their username.
  2. I think mothers put up with a lot as well as dads, and I support family.
  3. This could be percieved as a bit of a put down thread.

I know and appreciate the fact that there really isn’t any maliciousness intended in this thread.
Just thought I’d share my opinion for what it’s worth. :wink:


k but don’t u think everyone knows that the phrase “yo mama is…” is a joke and a phrase used everywhere as a joke and definitely not a criticism of any mom’s! I don’t think anyone would be offended by this! It is like someone getting offended by someone using the phrase a fish out of water because they have a beloved fish that they love and hate the idea of their loved fish being out of water and struggling. :stuck_out_tongue: if u really think it offends moms then i will take it down… i support family to and do not have anything against moms! my mommy awesome!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I do appreciate that it is a joke phrase and I do appreciate that you are just going for laughs. I also know that it is popular atm. However, I don’t always go with the flow. It’s just one of those things I disagree with and won’t participate in. Family is just incredibly important in my opinion. Based on my personal beliefs and experience I repectfully choose to stand my ground. I really can’t control what others do but if what I do causes some reflection, the world is better, even if people don’t agree with me.

I do appreciate your courteous response and concern. I will not ask you to take it down, I will not ask you to leave it. I will only ask you to think about it carefully and act upon it as you see fit.


family is first to me and i have no correlation with this thread to negative connotations with family! Thanks for your opinion and i guess i will take down the thread cause i don’t want anyone to be upset but i just think u misunderstood my purpose, i love family and was using this thread to be a place where people share laughs not to hate on moms!

Lighten up dude. I’m a father and any thread along these lines wouldn’t upset me at all. Everyone is so uptight here lately.


I agree! ^

I understand if you don’t want to participate. But of that’s the case then why even post in the thread?




For real, this kinda thread is not needed for the forum.

Even though one of you may not take it as offensive, others may, and dont try to pull the “oh well you need to loosen up” thing either.

People have different opinion, and they need to be respected as such.


Can one of the mods delete this thread for me because it is obviously not going anywhere… this was suppose to be a fun thread to post on but then skitrz has been creating to big of a deal about this and thinking that I do not think family is important because I created a post for yo mama jokes, lol. All u have done is be uptight and create a huge dilemma out of a harmless post! U have not helped and u do not need to publicize ur point to everyone, if u don’t wanna post in my thread, then dont!

I think what you lack is some respect for the others though. You are imposing what you think is correct on everyone else and disregarding that people could be very offended by it.

And you replying in such a matter as you just did just shows that you are being immature about it. Which based on the thread itself showed that already.

As for taking it down, its easy, scroll down to the bottom of the thread and you will see an option for “remove thread”. Super easy, and instant.


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I don’t know how to delete it, I don’t see the button. I am sorry that my thread offended people but I am still surprised it did… I feel that there r other worse threads but whatever, will a mod please remove it? Sorry.

My mom gets offended by these jokes.

I don’t like 'em too much.

I’m not trying to be rude,

But, IMO, jokes making fun of a certain, race, gender, disability, even mom’s, even if you don’t think it’s rude, some people do.

Just saying.

I was not trying to be rude to anyone! I was bored and this is what happened, can someone please direct me on how to delete the thread, cause I can’t find the button… I already apologized and this was obviously not my attention as stated in all my other posts!

It’s okay!

I wasn’t trying to be rude.

I’ve been bored and made random threads before too.

How to remove it?

I don’t think you can anymore.

Just wait for a mod.

K thanks.

Whoah! I have been gone for a while and a bit surprised. Before this thread is closed I’d like to add a few thoughts.

On SpicyBroth behalf:

Please note that Spicy and I had a very cordial conversation and he handled himself very well. Please also note that although he didn’t quite understand why some might take his thread to be offensive, he volunteered to take the thread down in his second post and decided to in his third. He did that even though he didn’t quite understand why some might find it offensive.

I respect that!

As far as his later comments, imagine how frustrated he must be. He considered someone elses perspective, and attempted to remedy the situation even though he didn’t quite get it. Not a bad example of character.

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I agree that it isn’t going anywhere, and, like skitrz, appreciate your willingness to hear and take seriously other people’s views on this. Let’s lock it and leave it for now as an example of how a thread like this can be handled in a mostly diplomatic and productive way.