me playing with my yomega maverick

i’m just not getting the whole, mask thing… personally it looks sort of silly… and i can’t imagine it’s very easy to see your yoyo through.

its not too hard that is just my gimmick you know what im sayin. i didnt want to be like everyone else. i wanted to stand out from the crowd

why dont you learn how to spell CHEAP not CHEEP dumbotron. and i bet yo momma is scared to show your messed up face in public butt cown

i was just trying to give some advice.

Do we really have to resort to insults? M2 could have reworded it differently and Themaskedyoyoer please don’t insult M2. I didn’t even think Manny_Bee’s comment was a joke. Some parents don’t let their children show their faces on the internet. Some of my friends aren’t allowed.

I think the mask was a cool idea, i just don’t like the particular mask he chose, but neither do i like metal. we disagree in some areas, that doesn’t mean i’m insulting him.

Music man. Music.

And um… Insults aren’t allowed here. Or talking back to others.

You guys can have chance of getting in trouble here so… yeah.


oh… well, i’m not trying to insult you or anything.
To tell you the truth i didn’t know that some moms didn’t let there kids show there faces on the internet.

well, mostly were i come from you are required to give you accurate name and such
Anyways, this isn’t even about the being able to show your face thing, that was just a misunderstanding.

Wait, are you saying that I did something bad? I am confused. :stuck_out_tongue:

n hard feelings man

i’m glad

No! Absolutely not. :smiley:

I was talking about others. But now they’re cool. So yeah.

no you didnt do anything we are all good


yah the mask thing is so silly :slight_smile: why do you do that? ??? ?
but here is a thing, you should use music not metal

                     but nice vid
   p.s. how long have you been yoyoing

Eyyy… Good’n you? HE’S A BAD SPELLER? Oh gawd.

ive been yoyoing for about two months

your pretty good for two months!!!