me using my dark magic  great yoyo thanks please enjoy

pretty good.

thanks alot buddy
i hope to have alot more vids on here and youtube

Please don’t double post. If you have a something your forgot to put in your first post, just hit the modify button in the top right corner and add it on like that.

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do you guys think im pretty good. i havent been yoyoing for hat long

can you guys subscribe since you like it and please leave comments

why do you keep double posting?

me and my friend are having a contest of who can get the most subs and comments please do it he beats me at everything

First: Nice Vid. But…

Man… you really HAVE to read the forum rules. And in general just be considerate. You can’t just keep posting over and over again. M² just told you about this and then you go and post 3 times in a row. There is a Modify button at the top right hand corner of every post you make. If you think of something to add, then just modify the original post and add it.

Same goes for making a lot of topics. Now I understand they’re several different videos, but you could have put them all in 1 post. Might have even gotten more people viewing you cause they’d see both in 1 message, rather then have to view 2 messages.

Doing this will not only be more respectful, but it will most likely get you more views on YouTube and more people willing to check you out. Otherwise you just make it so people want to avoid you. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. The Mask is weird and creepy… is there a reason you don’t want people seeing your face? Let people see you enjoy your throwing!

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ahhhh, how come the music is continueing after the video ended… must be a computer glitch, in speaking of which what was the music? It sounds like something from nitrome… oh, wait… thats the nitrome game i have in the other tab… … … well… oops…

OMG… I ROFLMAO’ed with that!

Modified and Added:
It’s come to my attention there may not be some that know what ROFLMAO means. It means-
Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A-blank- Off …

Pretty good, considering how long you’ve been yoyoing. I’ll sub your channel if you sub back.
My channel’s TheJumpTV. There’s also TVJumpTV, but that’s my old account, please don’t sub that one!

Pretty good…
How long have you been yoyoing??

And one advice: Try to bind backwards… It will make it much smoother…

keep up the good work
get your combos to flow more
dont double post
and try to make your videos longer

thanks alot for your support


i just got on team yomega

dont u just have to sign up?

team yomega is just a sign up thing. It’s not like being sponserd. I belive all they do is inform you about contests and stuff.