Yo guys!!!

Whats the best hub yo? I’ve been thinking about this for a wile. It’s not for shopping purposes I want to know your own personal oppinion.

For doing what?

Spin times?

If spins, Buddah King 2.

If you just want to try the hubs, get a PGM2 (thats what I got).
If you want an a mazing player with hubs, Id recommend a skyline, 888, or G5.

I said it’s not for shopping purposes. and I wast to know about spin time. play. look,stability everything.
Whats your fav metal hub yoyo?

BK2 is amazing for stacks.

How does it play?

It isn’t really made for regular play, but spin times.

Yea very heavy so pretty slow and the shape is…different.

Well i’m talking about a hub yo thats made for play, and it has to be metal.

SuBuddah King was made for regular play I guess.

Ohhh is that your fav I like the 888