what are some good yoyo's


I have a budget of $120 to get the really cool yoyo. I really want hubstacks but I don’t have to have to have them. I’m not a modder and only those who own the yoyo themselves please.I’m looking for long combo spintime. I doesn’t matter if the bearing is loud or if thier is a little vibe.

I’m considering g5,gnarwahl,888x,hubstack genesis,hs 44,skyline,superstar,spy pro, ect…


if u wanna hubs superstar but i ll get punch line


You can’t buy that. ::slight_smile:


ehhh… it really depends on your preferences

(laxdude99) #5

Well since I don’t know your preferences I can’t help you but

I would recommend a hubstacked genesis because of it’s amazing stability and great spin time


it will leave you wishing ricerocket could somehow saw off the posts!1!!1!111!1!!!111!!1!1!1!!!111