Yet another yoyo dilemma

Alright - Just to clear things up- My favourite yoyos atm are my 888x and my half and half (<3 plastics)
I like undersized, but I don’t mind oversized. Width and weight don’t matter to me.

The yoyo’s I’m considering:

Hand Candy


Leviathan 2

Least expensive to most expensive. I’m glad to take other reccomendations also.

Eh… That’s extremely broad…

Mind answering these questions?
Response Type
Shape (Sharp, rims, rounded, flared, bell)

out of those 3 i would get Gnarwhal

Colour- Don’t care
Finish- "
Response type- "
shape- Bell or V
Stacks/spikes- I hate stacks, spikes are fine



If you like the half and half you might also like the DV888 since its basically the same shape, just metal.

y factor! It has flat rims just like the dv8, and a more comfortable shape IMO