Yellow Airplanes Help! DX

i need help from 35sec till 45sec i do not know how to do it i have tried every way probably besides the right way can someone tell me how to do it explain it plzz? DX

I don’t see the link to the video. Can you try posting it again?

i think list might work

Ah yes. That’s the best part of the trick. Do you already know Kamikaze? What you’re doing is the same move you do in Kamikaze after mounting into the side style Mach 5, except that you intentionally miss landing on the string toward your body. That will set you up to have the slack that you lay across the string coming off of your throwhand. From there, you have to slowly move the yoyo toward that slack and wrap it around the back of the yoyo, putting you back into another sidestyle Mach 5. I’ll see if my lady will video me doing the moves and explaining as I go. Would that be helpful?

Ignore my giggling better half  ;).

Hope this helps.

What is she laughing about, this is serous business. ;D

Maybe I was making funny faces when the camera was angled down at the yoyo ;D.