Yelets vs. DV888 for all around throw.(price doesnt matter)

hey guys…im new. ive been playing with the ONE from YYF and want to get something a little more unresponsive and more attractive. what would you consider a better all around throw? a Yelets by OneDrop from a friend for $50 or a new DV888 by YYF for $45?

also…if this is the wrong place to post, please let me know.

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welcome! You chose a pretty good spot, the only better place would be general discussion.
looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.

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Colter Calvetti

Welcome! So here is the deal. You posted in almost the right place. It is called looking for help/ recommendation, and there is a link to it on the review page.
So, the dv888 and the yelets… They are both good. However, I have owned several, dv888s and honestly, spending the extra 5 on a yelets sounds better. It is an amazing quality yoyo from one of the best manufacturers. Again, the dv888 is FINE. It is certainly satisfactory. I would even say that it plays nearly as nice as a yoyo twice the cost. However, the yelets for 30 dollars off is an amazing deal, even if it is used. That is just my two cents. Welcome and good luck!

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Thanks for the help guys im buying the Yelets hopefully.
By the way, my names brandon, i run and handturn highend exotic kendamas along with a lot of other things. Im excited to be part of the forum!

Yeah the DV888 is amazing, but the yelets will give you the option of one drop side effects which can change the weight of the yoyo and create different types of play with different weights. This is something the dv888 does not have. IMO i would get the yelets