Yelets heading to yoyoexpert!

All of these solid colors are heading to yoyoexpert. Special editions to to follow.

Do want.

Excellent photography, too! Kudos to whoever set up and took that “rainbow” shot.

Excited :slight_smile:

How much will they be again?

Solid colors were quoted at $85. These look great!!!

Looks awesome! :slight_smile: Shame I can’t get one.

Hopefully heading to Cal-States too?


Are they on here yet?

Possibility of seeing these bad boys at PNWR?

Sweet. Can’t wait to check it out:)

Low on cash at the moment. I know it’s a long shot, but can I trade you for one? Not joking.

Got to play with one of these for a bit… So surprisingly good for its size. Solid was the first word that came to mind. Stable and really easy to control.