Magic yoyo skyva new colors


Will yoyoexpert be getting these ? I really hope so


Wow they are good looking


Looks much better than last run. Wasn’t a big fan of how the colors in the 2nd run turned out, not gonna lie.


I’m personally not a massive fan of transparent yoyos but the “clear” one looks nice! :slight_smile:


Yeah this was posted on magic yoyos china FB, so hopefully they come to the us


If it looks like jello or gummi Bears; count me in.

Regardless of what the colors are; somebody isn’t gonna like em.


Lol this is true

Hopefully yoyoexpert gets some, magic yoyo on their China FB said early February


That’s a cool way to think about it! Actually makes me like them a bit more…!


The only time I like transparent yoyos is when they are clear. Besides that, to me they aren’t as attractive.


I liked the colors on the first run the best. Unless its a really nice shade of whatever color, I like matte colors the best. However, those do look pretty nice, transparent red or clear would be my pick.

(rizkiyoist) #11

I hope that doesn’t sacrifice durability.


I read somewhere in facebook from Jeffrey Pang that this is a gram heavier.






They’re still in production, so no ETA yet.