New YoYoFactory WEDGE Colors!



An aqua/pink half swap might be in order…


Oh man aqua/pink half swaps are the best! And in translucent would be dope. I’d even prefer that to the gold glitter Wedge I have!

Not really feeling the gold hubs with these colors (except clear) though.

(Alessandro Vitellaro) #4

I think YYF changed also the joint between the plastic part and bearing and axle seat.


What do you mean? How so?

(Alessandro Vitellaro) #6

In the new colors run (second photo) the joint (between the axle system and the plastic) seems to be hexagonal

(Mark) #7

If anyone wants to do a silver-hub aqua pink swap lmk, I can buy them both and mail you your swapped wedge


Feel free to email us if you find someone to swap halves - We can swap them here and ship them out to each of you. Especially with plastics - you might need to swap a few to find two that play smooth together.


Give this man a raise :+1:

(Alexander) #10

Has anyone seen the new Glow Wedge colors??? YYF released some of their yoyo’s that now glow in the dark

(Mark) #11

The resulting swapped wedge with an Interlagos for scale.


Yep, meets the classic half swap criteria … in translucent!


Yup, it is gorgeous in person. The translucent colors have just the right amount of saturation. And it plays not at all like I expected. I thought it was going to feel super chunky. You can tell it has a little heft but it just seems to create hangtime in a really surprising fashion

(Paul Carroll) #14

Anyone else want to do a half swap with the silver hub? I’m a huge sucker for translucent plastics :smile:


yo i always wanted a wedge so im stoked for a halfswap


Here is mine, I switched one of the “twins” out with a slim bearing to make it responsive!

(Zakai) #17

This is the next plastic yoyo I wanna try. The shape is very unique. I gotta check the specs, though.


I’m really liking it. It’s got a unique feel


If you’re interested, I have a clear one on BST for $13.50 shipped

(Zakai) #20

I’ll keep that into consideration.