Year of Titanium

I think it’s safe to say that so far this year has been dominated with hype of Ti throws, and with all the news I have found it hard to keep up with everything. So I figured it might be helpful to some people if all the information about each yoyo that has been announced so far was in one easy place. Hope this helps.

One Drop

Diameter: 56.774 mm
Width: 43.702 mm
Weight: 64.39 g
Bearing Size: C
Response: One Drop Flow Groove


Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight: 65.75 g
Bearing Size: C
Response: 19mm CBC pads

Titanium Supply Co.

Diameter: TBD
Width: TBD
Weight: 65.5 g
Bearing Size: TBD
Response: TBD

Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works

Diameter: Varies
Width: Varies
Weight: Varies
Bearing Size: C
Taste: Delicious

the hype for the mango is soo real…

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It is a glorious time to be a yoyo addict. So much Titanium, so little time… ;D

Even though the OD and YYF look awesome, I think the Mango is gonna be the best.

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and money

I’m scared to see the price of the tiss


I’m not, I prepared myself psychologically if it outpriced the Dazzler
I wish I prepared financially as well

Strong $ == Titanium yo-yo’s :slight_smile:

That bottom one looks the best

I’m sad there’s no sovreign re-release to coincide with the CiTizen

Me too. Organic shapes are my favorite, especially smaller sized ones. Guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes out and wallet ready for any that pop up on the BST.

Too bad every yoyo is different. One could play bad and one could play bad. I saw this other pic of it, who knows how it could play vs the first one?

It is so real.

And all the TI’s I can’t take it. Why did this have to be the year that I need to save up for a car?

Just kill two birds with one stone and buy the new Titanium Porsche :o

No. Too spendy