I finally ordered my DV888 today, just thought i would notify the world.
Now the anxious wait begins…
I also got some green 100% poly to go with my blue DV888 and a KK for my DM just to see what all the hype is about.
From what I’ve heard about KK’s mainly keep string in the middle of the bearing and have more ball bearings inside than a standard bearing for better sleep times but other than that do not offer not much more benifits. If I have been misinformed please correct me. But back to the main post woohoo for me and hurry up mail man

No, from what I know, only the 10-ball bearing has more balls. The kk bearing only has the usual 8 balls, it only helps to center the string.

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ok kool thnx for the info

Yay, good for you :D. Im waiting for my speed maker… hurry up! lol i know how u feel… :slight_smile: