Yay, it's a sale! 1ds, CLYWs, and duncans oh my!


by NO means are these yoyos mint. they all have marks on them, and are all smooth unless stated. i bought most of these in a trade and don’t care about the condition just the play. offers are accepted and welcome. please no lowballs. i will also trade, it just depends on the throw.
NO YYJ, YYF, OR DUNCAN. don’t even offer.
all yoyos come with a freshly cleaned and lubed de-shielded 10ball, and come with 10 onedrop basics
pictures on request

green/purple Onedrop dingo:
lots of dings and scratches, none that effect play, great little player, it was my second metal throw, got lotsa love and care until it hit the ground. $35 shipped

purple Onedrop M1:
quite a few dings, they look worse then the dingo’s, but are fewer. none that effect play. was my first metal throw. small vibe, but not noticable during play. $35 shipped

orange Duncan butterfly:
free with a purchase of a yoyo on request. was my first throw. does not come with a pack of string or bearing. it doesn’t even NEED a bearing. GOSH.
though it does come with the string on it, it’s a white 1d basic.

blue Duncan throwmonkey:
2nd throw i’ve owned. doesn’t have caps, and comes with a a size duncan bearing. unleaned, and unlubed. has one pad. this is a special throw because it was autographed by the ever-so famous, jonathon coulton. (code monkey>throwmonkey) $10, or $5 with a metal throw

red CLYW campfire:
recently obtained in trade, not what i was expecting, still a great throw, i’m just over the undersized. (woo 53+ yoyos) no vibe, barely any marks, just a few near the IGR, and it’s just a dent. $50 shipped
(also, comes with a CLYW bearing*, not a 10ball)

all zombie CLYW BvsM:
this is a fav, and will be hard to get off me. but for the right price, i will sell this little guy. i <3 him, but i recently got a gnarwhal, and it’s pretty much not getting any attention. this has marks, less then any of the 1ds i have for sale, and the marks don’t effect play. no vibe. and will come with 20 strings if you can get it off me. make me and offer on this one*

*1 i think it’s a clyw bearing
*2 seriously, no low balls.

so thats it! again if you want pictures of a specific one, please PM me, and i’ll have em sent asap. any special requests, like different string, different bearing, please PM me. if you have an offer thats less then what i posted, please make sure it’s no more then $10 difference, or i most likely won’t even bother. trades are welcome.
i also have a MN, a gnarwhal, and 54. you can try to get them off me, but i doubt you can. offer up whatcha got!

I do payment via paypal, but we can work something else out if you need it :smiley:

sorry to ramble, but i’m also selling a pack of (About) 100 1d colored basics for sale. 10 bucks asking, 8 with a metal throw.

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  1. sorry, used to the “on request thing” will post pictures Asap
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